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Your Loss Mitigation Solutions

Restoring Your Peace of Mind

Reliance Real Estate provides loss mitigation services to borrowers in need of mortgage assistance. Loan workouts include, Permanent Loan Modifications, Repayment Plans, Forbearance Agreements, Deed in Lieu, Loan Assumptions, Short Payoffs, Settlements, Short Sales and Conventional Sales. Reliance Real Estate Advisers has been serving local communities and other impacted municipalities since the collapse of the real estate market in the Great Recession of 2008. Our dedicated team is committed to provide exceptional customer service and peace of mind during turbulent times. We are devoted to utilize all credible resources in order to achieve the right home preservation solution to anyone impacted by a personal hardship.

What Is Loss Mitigation?

Loss mitigation refers to the steps mortgage servicers take to work with a mortgage borrower to avoid foreclosure. Loss mitigation also refers to a servicer's responsibility to reduce or "mitigate" the loss to the investor that can come from a foreclosure. Certain loss-mitigation options may help you stay in your home. Other options may help you leave your home without going through foreclosure. Loss mitigation options may include Loan Modifications, Forbearance Plans, Forbearance Extensions, Repayment Plans, Short Sales, Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure or

Post-Auction Redemption in permissible cases.  

Home Retention occurs when the borrower has suffered a hardship such as unemployment, increased expenses, reduction of income, divorce or a death in the family. Home Retention Options are offered to a borrower who has the financial ability to enter a workout option and wants to stay in their homes. Home Retention Options are available to anyone in need whether in default or facing an imminent circumstance that'll ultimately lead to default. 

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What Best Describes Your Circumstances?

Mortgage Assistance is available to anyone facing the following:

  • Unemployment

  • Reduction in income: a hardship that has caused a decrease in your income due to circumstances outside your control (e.g., elimination of overtime, reduction in regular working hours, a reduction in base pay)

  • Increase in housing-related expenses: a hardship that has caused an increase in your housing expenses due to circumstances outside your control (e.g., uninsured losses, increased property taxes, HOA special assessment)

  • Disaster (natural or man-made) impacting the property or borrower's place of employment

  • Long-term or permanent disability, or serious illness of a borrower/co-borrower or dependent family member

  • Divorce or legal separation

  • Separation of borrowers unrelated by marriage, civil union, or similar domestic partnership under applicable law

  • Death of borrower or death of either the primary or secondary wage earner

  • Distant employment transfer/relocation


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The Team

Behind the Scenes


Douglas Mesquita

Sr. Home Retention Specialist


Dallas Souza

IT - Marketing Director


Catherine Mesquita

Sr. Administrative Assistant


We Believe in Showing, Not Telling

It was an absolute Godsend to have discovered this company so local to me. I was referred by a colleague who personally knows Douglas and his family. I tried to apply on my own for months but couldn't get anywhere with my mortgage company. Douglas has helped me on multiple occasions and not only got me approved twice but saved my condo from going to foreclosure. I highly recommend Douglas and his team to anyone having trouble with their mortgage.

Diostenes Medina

Douglas has been like a son to me and has treated me like family since I met him back in 2010. He has personally helped me with almost everything regarding my home. He has been able to modify my loan twice, refinance me out of my bad mortgage company and even helped me evict previous tenants and replace them with kind, qualified people. His genuine approach is like nothing I've ever experienced in the real estate world. If you're in need of anything real estate related, Douglas is the right man for the job. I couldn't say more wonderful things about him and his company.

Marise Pierre

I met Douglas and Reliance through a friend of mine. My husband and I had been struggling to work with our mortgage company for nearly a year. They had proposed a repayment plan at the time that would have put us in a deeper hole. Douglas was able to step in and get us approved for a loan modification that far exceeded our expectations. My payments were cut in half for the life of my loan. I'm really grateful that I met him and would absolutely recommend his services to anyone struggling with their mortgage.

Heather Salemi

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